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Anukokunda oka ratri

March 25, 2009

2en013l This story is an incest between a mom and son. Very seductive. Those who dont like,  please dont read…

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Kasi – 2

March 25, 2009

7ezmy87nHi Readers,

Thanks for your comments. Here is the rest of the story.


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Kasi 2   Kasi 3   Kasi 4  Kasi 5

Kasi 6  Kasi 7

Kasi – 1

March 18, 2009

kasi Hi Readers,

Here is a hot seductive story. I am posting the    first part of it. Please read the story and add your comments to read the second part.

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kasi – 1

Kavita aunty

March 14, 2009


Hot story of Kavita aunty..


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Mamayya Saruku

March 14, 2009


Another hot story between mama and kodalu..

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Sata koti daridralaku

March 14, 2009


This is again a very hot story..

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Gaja Dandam

March 14, 2009


This is a hot story between mother, son and a neighbour. Enjoy by reading it.

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